When faced with the coronavirus and COVID-19 outbreak of 2020, I was given the opportunity to design solutions for customers who were in serious need of financial assistance. Our Customer Advisors were inundated with customers who could not pay their utility bills and were looking for assistance.  ​​​​​​​
Throughout this project, I created the user experience and web designs for an application within users' jea.com accounts to apply for the City of Jacksonville COVID-19 Relief Fund, a tool for users to look up customer accounts and help pay others' JEA bills, and a landing page to help users find other ways to give back to the community during this crisis.  ​​​​​​​
City of Jacksonville Relief Package​​​​​​​
Customers Helping Customers
We also wanted to give customers a way to give back to others, through partnerships with local charities, JEA Guest Pay, and through Neighbor to Neighbor, a monthly donation added to their JEA bill. ​​​
JEA GuestPay
JEA Guest Pay lets users pay a portion of someone else’s JEA bill with a credit or debit card. Users can use a lookup tool and search for the customer's last name and service address.
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